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Related post: Date: Thu, 02 Jan 2003 18:14:11 -0600 From: Mark Writer Subject: Our New Life chapter 3This story includes homosexual content. If it is illegal for you to read such material or if such material offends you, read no further.Our New Life - Chapter 3 - by Mark WriterAfter Jim and I had finished our pizza, and Jim brought me up to date on his cousin Neil, we talked about our classes, our new jobs, and moving."You know, Jim, I haven't talked to preteen models stars my folks in a couple nonnude preteens bbs of days," I said. "Babe, they don't even know about my teaching job yet! I'd better call them. Dad should be home by now." I picked up the cell phone mom had given me when I started college."Mark, why don't you get on NetMeeting so you can see and talk?" Jim asked. "That's why I set it up for you." Jim, being a computer wiz, had set up NetMeeting on our computer and, over the phone, talked dad through installing it on my folk's computer. He went over to the computer and started it up.I thai porno preteen called mom on the cell phone, and asked her to get online so I we could talk on NetMeeting. "I have some news to tell you, and we can see each other. Jim is here and wants to talk too," I said.Jim and I were soon in front of our computer watching mom and dad on our screen."Well, Mark, your mom says you have some news," dad preteen lists tgp said."Yes, the principal at Weldon High School called. I got the teaching job I applied for there," I said.Mom and Dad both smiled and congratulated me. "I never heard of Weldon, russian preteen archive Mark," Mom preteen pics cp said. "Where is that?""That's the great part! It's not far from St. Louis, where Jim's job is," I said motioning to Jim."We can find a place to live that's not far for either of us to get to work," Jim explained."Good for both of you! I'm glad you found jobs in the same area," Dad said. "We can tell you're both excited and happy, and that makes us happy.""Thanks, Mr. McDonald," Jim said"Name's Carl to you son," Dad scowled."Thanks, Carl," Jim corrected."Mark, when are you and preteen virginity check Jim going to get to come home for a visit?" Mom preteen boy penis asked. "Mark, we haven't seen you since spring break, and Jim, we haven't seen you since preteen nude skirt Christmas," she said shaking her finger at the camera."I don't know for sure," I said. "We have about three weeks of classes left, and we have to look for a place and get moved."Jim asked, "Hey, when we get preteen and latina moved in our new place, why don't you come and visit us?""Good idea," Dad said. "But I got a better one. We'll be coming for graduation. By then you should have found a place. preteen russian ladys I'm taking some vacation then, so we could help you move.""You don't have to spend vacation moving us, Dad," I said. "But, if we're not moved by then, I wouldn't turn down the help.""Tell you what. When you guys are ready preteen girls panties to move, hire a moving company. I'll foot the bill as part of your graduation present," Dad said. "Then, preteen naked ukraine when preteen porno nude we're there, we can see your new place and help you get settled. Deal?""Deal. Thanks," we both said."Will your preteens modeling girls parents be there for graduation, Jim?" Mom asked."No, I don't think they will make it," Jim said."Oh, that's too bad. We'd love to preteens pussy gallery meet them," Mom sympathized.After the NetMeeting, Jim kissed me and with tears in his eyes said, ican preteen model "You're so lucky, Mark. I love your parents.""They love you too. Can't you tell," I whispered and kissed his cheek. preteen gallery x "Almost as much as I do."I looked at my watch. "We preteen nubiles better get to swim practice," I said.We got there in plenty of time. Practice was as rough as ever. The coach always gave us a good work out. Jim and I were preparing to swim the relay. Jim was one of the fastest swimmers on the team and had an excellent practice. I was preoccupied thinking about my new job but made it through practice.In the locker room after practice, we talked with our friends Seth and Tim. They were also gay and had been dating for about a year. We often hung out with them."Why preteen panty galleries don't we go to Italian Village for something to drink and eat?" Jim asked them. "Mark can tell you about his teacher job. We've been celebratin' it all day."Seth and Tim met us at Italian Village. russian preteens fucked We shared a pitcher of beer. Jim and I had spaghetti, and Seth and Tim shared a pizza. We talked about the swim team, school, and my job. They congratulated me and said they hoped they could find jobs nude sex preteens near one another like we preteen panty pcis did when they feet preteen free graduated."You two got any plans tonight?" I asked. "Want to rent a movie or somethin' and hang at our apartment?""Yeah, come and join the Mark got a job party," Jim said. "We probably won't get to see you guys naked preteen gymnastics as often after we graduate.""I got an idea, computer preteen turkish nude dude," Tim preteen little ass said. "Can you hook your computer up to the TV like you did that time and watch those guys on web cams?"Jim grinned. "Sure no prob, Tim. You dudes liked watchin' those cams didn't you?""You bet," Seth answered. "We got so horned up, we had a hell of a wild time in bed that night. And I don't mean sleeping," he said and smiled at Tim."MMMMM, I know what you mean, so did we," I said. "Jim's horny for days after he watches them.""I don't remember you complaining," Jim joked. "As I recall, you get a nice boner too when you watch." He stood and said, "OK, web cams it is! Let's go!"When we got to our place, Jim hooked preteen candid sleeping the computer to the TV and had the web cam site on in minutes. He soon was in the unmonitored cams area, where the xxx cams are, switching from cam to cam, and our 35-inch TV screen was filled with one porn scene after another."Get in the preteen videos book gay chat room preteen starletts and see what cams their chattin' about," I said.Jim found the room and we read the scrolling chat. "OMG look at the size of that rod," a message read. Jim switched to the cam the chatter was commenting about. A cute guy about 25 years old came on the screen. He was sitting on a chair, nude, legs nonnudes preteens russians spread, displaying an enormous erection.Tim said, "Can you believe the size of that? It must be a foot long!""Where do all these hung dudes on here come from?" Seth asked in awe."Wish I had a dick that size," Jim said."I don't. Yours is just fine, thanks," I said. "One that size would split me in half."There were several comments on the chat scroll about YngTeenStd, "cute young guy here. . . WOW cutie show more. . . whose ur cute friend. . . lets see some action guys.""Check out that Young Teen Stud cam they're all sal preteen stories talkin' about," Seth said.Jim switched to the YngTeenStd cam. Two gorgeous, bare-chested, young guys appeared. A trim, golden-tanned blond sat smiling into the camera. Behind him stood a beautiful, dark-haired, bronze hunk."They're not doin' anything. Pick another cam, Jim," I preteens nudes porn said."No let's watch a minute and see what happens," Jim said staring at his computer screen.The blond stood and dropped his pants, revealing boxer briefs with a nice bulge in front. He turned, undid his friend's pants and slowly pulled them off. They embraced and kissed passionately, grinding their bulges together."They're a cute young couple," Tim said."Look real young to me," Seth commented. "Wonder how old they are?""Jim, type a message and ask their ages," I said."The blond is sixteen," Jim stated. "I don't know about his friend.""Seen him on here before, Jim, or just guessing?" Tim asked."No, I've met him in person," Jim said. "You will too before long, Mark.""Oh! God!" I yelled, "You don't mean he's your . . .""Yep, meet my cousin, Neil."The TV now showed Neil and his friend nude, posing seductively. They grasped each other's cocks and stroked. As they stroked and played with each other's cocks, Neil's grew to about seven inches; his friend's to about eight inches. Neil then sat in the chair and took his friend's cock in his mouth. They zoomed the camera in for a closer preteen goths picture, as he sucked and licked the hard eight inches for a few minutes, then began crazy preteen pics to lick and mouth his friend's balls.The models preteen bbs chat room fans were going wild discussing the scene, encouraging and offering suggestions to the young teen studs. "swallow that cock . . . lick his preteens hot giga balls . . . cum on his face."Watching the web cam action, preteen boys foto I felt a familiar sensation, as my cock began to grow and harden. I noticed Tim and Seth were developing bulges as well. I adjusted my growing member in my pants and saw Tim doing fashion preteen models the same. I super preteen gallery unsnapped preteen artistic model my pants for more comfort and said, "Sorry, dudes, Markie just has to have preteen guestbooks more room. Those dutch preteen girls two young studs have got him as hard as stone. Damn, they're hot."Tim and Seth soon undid the front of their shorts as well."Don't get mad, Jim. But it looks like your cousin sure knows how to suck a cock," Seth said. "You say he's just sixteen?""Be seventeen in August. The dumb fuck, he knows he's preteen rape downloads too young to be doing that on there. Shit! I hope no one else who knows him sees this.""Jim, we don't have to watch him if you don't want us to," I said."No, we've seen about all of him he has to show. Let's watch the rest. I want to see what chinese preteen nudes else little shit for brains does. And, tomorrow I'll phone the dumb twerp and give him an ear full," Jim said."Look, almost everyone in the chat preteen modles room is watching them," Seth said. "Look at all the chat about them. Damn! They're a big hit!"The screen now showed the friend kneeling between Neil's legs servicing his cock. In a few minutes, Neil shot a huge load onto his friends face, and the chat went wild with comments and praise."WOW!! Jim, I know the blonde's your cousin," Seth said. "But, what a young preteen girl huge load he shot.""And right in his friend's face," Tim laughed. "And now he's lickin' it off. Damn! They put on one hell of a show, Jim. They should sell videos."Jim just stared at his computer silently in model nude preteen deep thought.We watched them for another hour. They continued to pose displaying cocks, butts, cracks, armpits, feet, anything the chat room viewers asked to see. Then they began to chat with the viewers and answer questions. Neil said they were eighteen-year- old boyfriends and lived in Illinois. He even gave his email addresses and IP number. Before turning the camera underaged preteens sex off, he announced that they would be back preteen video model on tomorrow night at the same time."Not if I can help it!" Jim said.Once Jim's cousin, Neil, and his boyfriend had stopped broadcasting, Jim quietly exited the web cam Internet site and turned off the computer. He sat staring ads pantie preteen at the blank computer screen deep in thought. Jim was definitely not pleased with his cousin's web cam show.Neil, and his boyfriend, had a different affect on Seth and Tim. Their eyes had rarely left the screen except to occasionally adjust the growing bulges in their crotches or whisper to each other. It seemed the gay web cams had had their usual arousing affect on the horny boyfriends.I too had become aroused watching the web cam show, but that diminished as I became aware of Jim's concern about young Neil doing such vulgar things on the Internet. I wondered how Neil's "big brother" Jim was going to approach him about this preteen photo sites without losing Neil's trust.Seth gave Tim a quick kiss and said, little russian preteen "We should be going, babe. Don't you think?" He nudged Tim and nodded toward Jim who sat and stared blankly.Tim walked over to Jim, slapped his back and said, "Damn, Jim! Your cousin and his boyfriend are breast preteen photos two carol preteen model hot, young studs! They put on a hell of a sexy show! I'm still hard as a webcam live preteen rock!"Jim snapped out of his thoughts and said, "Thanks, Tim. Neil is a real eye catcher, huh?""You can say that again," Seth said."Dudes, sorry I've been so moody," Jim apologized. "I was just shocked seeing him and his boyfriend doin' that kind of stuff on the Internet.""No problem, man," Seth said. "It was weird, knowing he's your cousin and all. But, hell, he still turned me on! Big time! I'm as topless preteen girl horny as a toad!"Tim put his arm around Seth saying, "Then, Seth, I think it IS time little preteens nn for me to get you home.""Have fun tonight guys," I said with a wink.Tim slapped Seth's butt and with a sexy smile said, "I KNOW we will," as they walked out hard preteen russian the door.I art nymphets preteen went lover preteen over to Jim, rubbed his links preteen 14 back, and messaged his shoulders."You can't get Neil off your mind, huh young preteens exposed babe?""The dumb kid doesn't realize how many people preteen virgin angel could see them on there . . . even people he knows," Jim said. "Pictures and videos of them could show up anywhere; besides the fact that he's not legally old enough to be on there. I've got to figure out how blog preteen lesbian to get him to understand the big risk he taking.""You really do care for him like a brother don't you, Jim?"Jim said, "I sure do. He's been my little bro' ever since I moved in with aunt Carol and him. I love them both."I kissed his cheek and said, "I know. We'll figure out how to handle this. Let's sleep on it tonight, and our minds will be fresher in the morning.""Babe, you mean you're willing to help me with Neil?"I tapped the back of his head and said, preteen portal cp "Remember, Jim, we're partners. We share everything. Neil's my cousin now, too. Even if I haven't met him yet." I laughed, "I sure saw a whole lot of him tonight, though.""God, I'm lucky to have you," Jim said with a tear in his eye.I tugged Jim's arm and said, "What preteen nude kiddies you need now is a good warn shower and a preteen models black massage to relieve that tension and relax you. Come with me."I led Jim into preteen sexy pussy the bathroom, turned on the shower and adjusted the water."OK. Shower's ready, Jim. Let's get in," models child preteen I said preteen sexfuck and we began to undress.Showering together was not unusual for us. Jim and I had showered together ever since we moved in together. Showering usually included some sexual playtime activities. I did not intend to instigate that this time, however, even though the web cam show had made me just as horny as Seth and Tim. Jim was stressed and needed to relax. I would just play it by ear and see boy preteen sexy what happened.I washed Jim first as usual. I began with a shampoo and rinse. I then soaped the front of his body from head down, running my hands over his smooth swimmer's preteen foto nu body, lingering a little longer than preteen pic gallery necessary on his muscular pecs, abs and thighs. While he rinsed his front, I soaped the back half of his body. When he turned to rinse his back, I cleansed my favorite area, working a soapy lather on his cock and balls. Jim's already expanded tool sprang to attention. I turned him around and repeated the task on the archive preteens nude area between his firm butt cheeks. Jim reciprocated by soaping ukraine preteen pic and rinsing my body. My manhood was at full mast by the time he was finished, and so was Jim's.After we dried preteen gils porn one another, I grabbed a large towel from the linen closet and a bottle of baby oil. Slapping Jim's butt cheek, I said, "Time for your massage, into the bedroom."I spread the towel on the bed and said, "Lay on your stomach, and I'll do your back first.I climbed on the bed between Jim's legs. I filled my hands with oil and rubbed them together. I began the massage with the muscles in his neck and shoulders and, as my fingers and hands kneaded, felt the tightness begin to loosen."Mmmmm, feels good," Jim moaned.I ran my hands up and down each side of his muscular back, rubbing oil into its smooth, tanned skin. As I massaged his tight back, I dribbled oil down his spine. I ran my hands through the oil spreading it over his taut back.I slid back and admired Jim's firm butt. I placed my fingers at the tan line preteen ls studios above each cheek and gently rubbed downward to the top of his thighs and back up several times. Then I cupped each cheek in a hand and kneaded the tight muscles."Oh, Mark, your hands are like magic," Jim said.I continued down each of Jim's thighs, kneading the thick nn preteen muscles firmly as I massaged and oiled. I repeated the same procedure on the back of his tight calves. The back of Jim's well massaged body now glistened with oil."Over now. Time to do the other side," I said.Jim flipped on his back revealing his well-developed chest and rippling abdomen, all smoothly shaven. Other than soft, trimmed hairs under each armpit, only a preteen bimbos small patch of golden pubic hair sprouted from the gorgeous preteen virgin rape swimmer's body. And, jutting from that pubic patch, I spied his fully engorged manhood; its seven inches reaching slightly above the tan models preteens nn line left by his Speedo.Now on my knees straddling his thighs, I reached up and I ran my well-oiled hands over Jim's chest, feeling the nipples harden as my hands and fingers rubbed over them. With a hand cupped over each nipple, I massaged Jim's pectoral muscles."Mmmm," Jim moaned."Feeling better?" I asked."Mmmm. Yes. Don't quit. Keep going," Jim said.I hot preteens pose scooted back and slid my hands onto Jim's abdomen massaging each rippling muscle with my fingertips. As I neared his throbbing penis, I noticed a pool of precum had seeped from it. I ran my fingers through the precum, mixing it with the baby oil on my hands, and messaged the combination into the soft warm skin covering his stomach.I slid to the foot of preteens young underwear the bed and massaged the front of each thigh and calf. I then messaged Jim's feet, causing him to giggle and moan, as my fingers rubbed across his ticklish arches.I lay next to Jim on the bed, kissed his cheek and asked, "Feeling more relaxed now, babe?""Well, I don't know. Maybe a preteens defloration videos little," Jim mumbled rubbing his cock and balls. "You all preteen modeling galleries done?""Hmmm, did I forget something?"I put more oil on my hands and once again straddled Jim's thighs. I massaged his balls with my left hand and slid my oil-slicked right hand up and down his rigid poll. Jim closed sexy preteen cuties his eyes and moaned in appreciation.My cock was also aching for relief. So, slutty preteens pics I slid forward until my balls were resting on Jim's, and grasping our cocks together, I was preteen nonude photos able to stroke them at the same time. The preteen thong stories feeling of our cocks and balls touching sent shivers through my body. Jim's pleasant moaning indicated that he was bbs boards preteen experiencing the same sensation.As I sat in this position staring at Jim's firm cock, I longed to have it deep inside me. I wanted to feel it throb and spew his seed within me. I released my cock and raised my craving ass above Jim's stiff preteen pantyhose sandra rod. As I looked into Jim's smiling face, I slowly lowered myself onto his rigid manhood."Mmmmmmm," I moaned as his cock slowly entered and filled me."Oh, fuck yes! Ride me, Mark!" Jim cried.I began to slowly raise preteen sodomy and lower my hips, feeling Jim's hard cock slip in and out of my hungry love tunnel. Each time Jim's cock stroked my prostate, hairless preteen cp my stiff dick throbbed as my hand quickly pumped it."Ride me faster! Harder!" Jim yelled.I felt my balls bounce against Jim, as I rode his rigid cock harder and faster, and then felt them tighten with a tingling sensation, as I stroked my preteen models african dick preteen nudist competition harder and faster."Oh! God! Your hard cock feels so good in me. I love you, Jim," I panted. "Fill me with your seed. Cum inside me, Jim."After a few more teens hentaipreteen minutes of pumping my love tunnel, Jim clenched his teeth, moaned loudly, "Ahhh! I'm cummmminnnggg!" And, I felt his cock pulse, as it spurted his hot seed deep into my bowels.The preteens gallery portal sensation of his cock pulsing, as it erupted within me, pushed me over the edge, causing my cock to spew streams of warm cum onto Jim's neck, chest and stomach.Exhausted, I collapsed pleasuring preteen pussies on top of Jim. He wrapped his arms around me, kissed me passionately, and said, "I feel relaxed now."We kissed several more times until we fell asleep in one another's arms.To be continued.This is my first preteen info net story. Reader comments are welcome.
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